Sustainable Food Security through Land Regeneration in a Changing Climate




Private Sector Summit: can business help beat famine?


Patrick Worms, World Agroforestry Centre


An agricultural renaissance driven by the poorest is under way. Small farmers are using local trees and shrubs with impressive results. Dramatic yield increases and greater resilience are within their grasp. But is this relevant to business? Can agro ecology be scaled up to large farms? Does it generate enough wealth to make long-tail business models profitable? What are the new business opportunities? Can money be made from spreading agro ecological techniques to smallholders? What prevents business from becoming involved? Which can be solved by businesses and civic society, and which need policymakers’ attention? Is money the limiting factor massive scaling up, or is it knowledge? How can the capital absorption capacity of land users be improved? What can optimise the ROI of agro ecological projects?

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