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Challenging gender norms around trees and land restoration in West Africa: can research be transformative?

January 4, 2019

Trees are important sources of income for many women in the drylands of West Africa, yet women often have little say in decisions about how land and trees are managed or how household income is used. This story reports on a series of community workshops organised by the West Africa Forest-Farm Interface (WAFFI) project, which set out to explore gender inequity and what might be done to change things for the better.

Community members listened with rapt attention as research findings about differences in sources of household income and decision-making powers amongst men and women were presented in graphs  drawn on large sheets of paper. There was a lot of interesting material to digest and to discuss.  The results showed large variations in access to assets and resources amongst men and women, and some strong imbalances in how decisions are made within households.

originally published on the World Agroforestry and Regreening Africa Websites.

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