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CSA update in Malawi

September 8, 2015

Jubilee Ncube and Joanne Le Patourel (World Vision Australia)

The Beating Famine Conference provided a great platform for the launch of the Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in Africa and the African Climate Smart Agricultural Alliance (ACSAA) in Malawi, through the hosting of the Malawi ACSAA inception workshop after the conference.

Since then, key stakeholders have been holding regular meetings convened by the Malawi Government, culminating in the establishment of the Malawi CSA Steering Committee. The Steering Committee has reviewed existing Government strategies and CSA-related infrastructure and decided how the Alliance can best align with, and build on, existing initiatives. This has resulted in a merger of bodies focussing on various technologies.

This is leading to more efficient use of resources and a collaborative and inclusive approach to CSA, which is established from the outset to ensure the diverse strengths of each partner and key stakeholders are fully leveraged to ensure the most desirable outcomes.  The Committee has developed a roadmap for future activities which will guide the work of the National level Steering Committee in Malawi. In Zambia, where activities are further progressed, the team has developed a brochure on CSA for broad dissemination, has undertaken mapping activities and has drafted a concept note, which is being reviewed and refined.

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