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Livestock and silvopastoral systems in Latin America: how to measure the greenhouse gases

January 8, 2019

Looking at the readiness of national mitigation monitoring and reporting schemes and presenting greenhouse gas mitigation technology advancements in silvopastoral systems.

By Jose Luis Urrea Benitez (CIAT) and Marta Suber (ICRAF)

Most Latin American countries share a high vulnerability to climate change but also the potential to mitigate the impact of a changing climate by avoiding deforestation and improving the management of agriculture and livestock production. To speed this along, exchanges of knowledge and technologies are critical.

The Supporting Low Emissions Development in the Latin American Cattle Sector(LivestockPlus) project held one such exchange at the headquarters of International Center for Tropical Agriculture(CIAT) in Colombia.

The workshop brought together researchers from Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Honduras to discuss the inclusion of silvopastoral (‘trees and pasture’) systems in national greenhouse-gas inventories. They also identified how ready their countries were to implement these kinds of agroforestry practices.

Originally published on the World Agroforestry Website.

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