Sustainable Food Security through Land Regeneration in a Changing Climate




Scaling-up Conservation Agriculture Systems in Southern Africa

Facilitator and Speakers

Lewis Hove FAO

Christian Thierfelder CIMMYT


Conservation agriculture (CA) adoption needs to be enhanced and actions are required to facilitate this process. Most of the drivers of adoption are becoming clearer but measures and actions to address these drivers and challenges have not been identified and need to be developed. The broader discussions will focus on interventions and actions needed to facilitate faster and more sustainable up-scaling. The aim of this broader discussion is also to link current CA initiatives with other continental activities (i.e. the Global Alliance of Climate Smart Agriculture) to make use of synergies and co-funding opportunities to enhance the adoption of CA. The discussion will also explore opportunities’ to make CA more efficient and effective by integrating it with some of the technologies and interventions that have been showcased at this conference.

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