Sustainable Food Security through Land Regeneration in a Changing Climate




Agro ecological Configurations and the spread of Faidherbia albida on the Tonga Plateau of Zambia: All the things you have to get right to plant Faidherbia albida

Facilitator and Speakers

Carl Wahl, Concern Worldwide, Zambia

Dennis Garrity, World Agroforestry Centre

Trent Bunderson, Total LandCare, Malawi


Systematic planting of Faidherbia albida has been promoted in Zambia and Malawi for over 20 years as a component of various sustainable agriculture projects, particularly Conservation Agriculture (CA). In many parts of Malawi, and in certain areas of Zambia, particularly the Tonga Plateau in Southern Province, F. albida has spread considerably through transmission of seeds through cattle manure. This event delves into the agro ecological (e.g., social, economic, political, cultural, historic, and ecological) contexts that support the extension of the tree species and what lessons can be drawn for further expansion of its use in the region as a whole.

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