Sustainable Food Security through Land Regeneration in a Changing Climate




An EverGreen Agriculture Network for Southern Africa

Facilitator an Speakers

Isaac B. Nyoka, World Agroforestry Centre

Dennis Garrity, World Agroforestry Centre

Paxie Chirwa, University of Pretoria


Many EverGreen Agriculture (EVA) and Agroforestry (AF) innovations have been developed during the past two decades and await massive up scaling and adaptation to different regions and farmer situations. Building a Large EverGreen Agriculture Network for Southern Africa (BLEANSA) is a partnership bringing together organizations involved in research, development and scaling-up of EVA and AF innovations in the southern Africa region. The Network initially includes Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa (Limpopo province), with aspirations of expanding in the coming years to build the capacity for accelerated up scaling.  This side event provides an opportunity to exchange ideas on what the network has achieved in its first two years; what tree-based innovations are available for up scaling; challenges and opportunities for wider scaling-up and out; adaptive research needs: and mapping out future opportunities for engaging the development community; and linking up more widely with donor partners.

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