Sustainable Food Security through Land Regeneration in a Changing Climate




Session 3.3 – A Great Green Wall for Southern Africa?

Facilitator and Speakers

Elvis Paul Tangem, Great Green Wall for the Sahara and Sahel Initiative, African Union Commission

Almami Dampha, African Union Commission

Remi Hemeryck, SOS Sahel


This session will provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about  the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI) and to explore the potential for the adaptation of this concept to the Southern African sub region. The event will enable a better understanding of the Initiative and it will discuss the possibility for accelerated scaling-up of the successes in sustainable land management that have been achieved so far through a greater coordination of efforts and investments across the sub region. Following the presentations there will be a discussion among the participants and stakeholders on the prospect of developing this concept further.

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  1. Maram says:

    Thanks for mentioning the preocjt. It’s got great plans and ideas so far. We’re hoping we can get the wheels going and sustain the preocjt as a central place for people to meet and exchange ideas on how to help Africa well past the competition deadlines. So thank you again for helping spread the word.Ernesto

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