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Three-wheeled utility vehicles, biogas and soap: new ideas to improve coexistence

January 7, 2019

An international ideas competition has sought – and found – solutions to improve business between refugees and host communities.

Many refugees are unable to find work that enables them to earn a living. And even if they do find work, it is unlikely to contribute to the economy of the host community. In fact, refugees are often competing with the local population. To find new approaches to these issues, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH organised an international ideas competition, ‘Call for solutions’. The aim was to develop real solutions for a pilot region in Rwanda.Start-ups, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and companies from around the world responded to the call with proposals for more than 100 solutions. An international panel of judges evaluated the ideas submitted and picked three winners.

The first winner is the ‘AgRover’, a rugged three-wheeled utility vehicle capable of negotiating rough, muddy terrain and transporting heavy equipment or other payloads to the fields. Refugees and the local population can work together to manufacture and market the AgRover. They can also earn extra income by offering the AgRover as a kind of taxi for agricultural services. All the materials needed to manufacture the vehicle are available locally in southern Africa. The AgRover is already being produced and sold in Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

Originally published on the GIZ website.

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