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Updates from the FMNR Network in Uganda

January 7, 2019

Update from World Renew

In Nebbi Diocese of NW Uganda there are many worn-out lands. Burning hot lands for man and beast. Hunger lurks close by.  The rains are erratic and the dry seasons often longer than they used to be.

So World Renew and our partners from the Anglican Church of Uganda ask these questions: Should we wait around while we blame industrialized nations for climate change? Why did God put us here, now? What can we do right here to restore the earth?

One answer has come about. Look.  See those stumps with those tangles of regrowth shoots?  Those stumps have an underground  forest of living roots—and underground forest we can care for to make it flourish again.

Story: Farmers in Nebbi, Uganda are putting Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration of forests into practice.  So far, over 300 of these farmers are doing it. Here is the story of one of them: Costa Mary. She remembers 30 years ago, when there were many trees in the lands of her village.  The trees made it cooler and the goats and cattle found good grasses and resting places in the shade of the trees.

Originally published on the FMNR Hub website.

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